Perched in its pine forest and leaning against the foothills of the Montagne Noire, in the heart of the Minervois, the Château de Gourgazaud has the feel of an island about it.

Château de Gourgazaud is a world unto itself where, under the impetus of Roger Piquet, the family has taken up the challenge of giving back to the Minervois land the pride of its vines and its wines.

Roger Piquet Château Gourgazaud

Roger Piquet

Enfance de Roger Piquet

La Livinière, promised land

In 1870, Ernest Piquet, our great grandfather, a wine merchant in the Paris region, took the train to La Livinière to find exceptional wines for his clients.

Our grandfather, Marcel, took over from him, and, a century later, in 1973, Roger Piquet, our father, bought Château de Gourgazaud.

Capsule vin de La Livinière

Roger Piquet, visionary, pioneer and clan leader

Being a visionary, he made the Château an experimental estate and it became the symbol of the revival of this region.

As a pioneer and against the fashion of the time, he planted the first Syrahs and the first Viogniers in the region and within 10 years he renewed his vineyards to full capacity.

Finally, in 1987, as leader of the clan and with a handful of men, he started the INAO (Institut National des Appellations d’Origines). The Classification and definition of the rules were laid down and this lead to the confidential creation of the Minervois La Livinière appellation on February 16, 1999. This in turn played a role in giving letters of nobility to this small appellation which is now recognised throughout the world and represents powerful and elegant wines.

This first Languedoc « Cru » is the result of a patient selection of plots of land to reach 350 hectares dedicated to the precious production of the « Cru ».

Portrait de femme de Gourgazaud Mathilde

A story of girls (Une histoire de filles)

In January 2005, Roger Piquet retired and left us, his daughters, Chantale Piquet and Annick Tiburce, the culture of the great wine.

Consequently, far from the fashions and glitter, new vintages were born, under the auspices of Quintus, La vigne de ma mère, Pater familias and the Grenache Gris de Gourgazaud.

It is now the turn of his granddaughters, Mélanie, Mathilde and Morgane to take over.

As the back label underlines, Morgane lends her name to the Morgane Cuvée. It is a family cuvée, both generous and authentic. « It is the collaboration between a granddaughter and her winemaker grandfather ».

From 1870 to the present day, five generations have succeeded one another.

Chantale Portrait de femme de Gourgazaud


Portrait de femme de Gourgazaud Annick


Portrait femme de Gourgazaud Mélanie


Mathilde Portrait de femme de Gourgazaud


Portrait de Femme de Gourgazaud Morgane