Tableau AOP Minervois La Livinière 2018 Cuvée Mélanie

The Minervois, land of wines

2000 years ago, the Romans chose this exceptional terroir to plant vines in the middle of fragant garrigue and olive trees. The name Minervois has its origins in the history of the ancient city of Minerve, a stronghold established by the Romans and dedicated to the eponymous goddess, the Goddess of Wisdom.

The Minervois terroir is a mosaic of mineral soils, composed of schist, grey, quartz, marble, limestone and clay, which shape the personality of each of our wines. It is located 30 km from Carcassonne in the foothills of the Massif Central.

A large south-facing amphitheatre with a mild Mediterranean climate, it is subject to oceanic influences and with its cool nights, offers optimal ripening conditions for our grapes.


La Livinière, a whole symbolism

The name La Livinière has Latin origins …

« Cella Vinaria » or « Laviniera » ?
« Wine cellar » or « Place of wines » ?

In short, it was the Romans who first gave this evocative name to the village which, over the centuries, has left its mark on the Minervois vineyards.

Grains de raisin dans barrique à vin

La Livinière, a nugget in the heart of the Minervois

The first “Cru” to be recognised in the Languedoc region in 1999, the AOC Minervois “Cru La Livinière” is an appelation from the AOC Minervois. It defines its terroir in the natural region know as the “Petit Causse. The early season warm zone contributes to the concentrated, complex wines that are characterised by the aromas of candied fruit and the presence of the grapes.