Although we try to tame nature, the seasons come and go and bring us their share of questions and worries.

We are still apprenticed sailors who have to make our mark on the north wind, called « Tramontagne » and considered by the Romans, as a divinity, as well as on the south wind called « le Marin ».

Through the seasons

Portes ouvertes caves du domaine de Gourgazaud

Quote from Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

The grapes are in the cellar and autumn is setting in.
Each vat continues it’s fermentation at it’s own pace. The cellar workers gently orchestrate the pumping over, the racking and, if necessary, the micro oxygenation in order to extract only the best.
Outside, the first ploughing prepares the soil for the first rains and the leaves begin to to fall. The vine enters its vegetative rest … This is the signal for the beginning of pruning.

Hiver sur le chemin de La Livinière

Quote from George Sand

The pruning secators are in action and each plot has its own pruning method : Gobelet, Cordon de Royat or Guyot. Each year, from the end of November to the beginning of March, our team travels 400 km in the vineyards and performs about 2 280 000 pruinings.
On the cellar side, there is no lack of work: blending of the « Jolies filles » released from the Cuvée Mélanie and preparation and filtration of the white and pink wines of the year.

Bouteilles de rosé du Château de Gourgazaud

Quote from Jean Paul Toulet

Spring is synonomous with bottling. Rosé, Viognier, Chardonnay … all leaving the cellar in a bottle.
Outside, when the soil begins to warm, the vineyard awakens with a « bleeding » of the vine signalling the arrival of the first buds.
But beware ! After bud break the young shoots are very vulnerable to frost damage.
Buds appear at the top of the previous growth cycle green and covered in scales, daily growing longer and larger.
The flowering precedes the nouaison, i.e. the formation of the grapes, which proceeds to the stage known as « petit pois ». Depending on the crop yield, green haversting is sometimes decided upon.


Quote from Hubert Haddad

Following fruit set the bunches are climaxing in a process known as engustment and summer is in full swing.
Depending on the grape variety, the berries lighten or become coloured : this is the « véraison ». We are 40 days away from the harvest.
After regular inspections in the rows and tastings of the berries : fineness of the skin, sweetness of the grapes, degree and ripeness of the pips, the date of the harvest of each plot is determined.
For more than one month, a chain of small tippers arrives every day in the cellar and the alchemy begins. The cellar then comes to a boil, skin macerations, pressings, start of fermentations, temperature control, « bâtonnages » … The eternal quest for the best expression of our grape varieties and our terroir.

Our philosophy

Ciel nuageux sur La Livinière

The vine is the creation of men and women, that, without their passionate work, would become a mere creeper.

Short pruning, green harvesting, small yields, these various works of the vine impose their strict rules throughout the seasons, guaranteeing a wine of high quality and excellence.

Respectful of the environment and concerned about protecting the landscape and biodiversity, we now adhere to the HVE3 label.